Residency Testimonials

“The diverse community that surrounds Swedish Covenant Hospital creates an amazing educational experience. Of course you see your bread-and-butter medicine cases, but the diverse patient population has provided me the opportunity to care for patients with rarer conditions (malaria, typhoid fever, tuberculous meningitis and peritoneal mesothelioma to name a few) that you might only expect to see at a large university hospital.” 
–Matt Kaplan, DO, Chief Resident, Internal Medicine Residency 

“I really enjoy working in the Primary Care Center. I like having my own patients that I follow throughout my residency.  The helpful nursing staff and excellent doctors help to make my days in the center run smoothly.  The physicians that precept in the Primary Care Center really take a special interest in teaching, not only residents but the medical students that rotate monthly. It is a great learning experience for everyone.”
–Michael Peplow, DO- PGY2 Internal Medicine

“I came to Swedish Covenant Hospital with one goal, to learn the basics of medicine.  The Traditional Rotating Internship will serve as the foundation upon which I build my future in career in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.  This program serves as a bridge between the knowledge I have gained in medical school and the skills I will need as a physician.  The environment of Swedish Covenant offers the comfortable size of a community hospital with the broad scope of patients and services available in an urban medical center.  I am amazed at the confidence and skills I have gained in just one year.”
–David Kohns, D.O.
Swedish Covenant Hospital - Traditional Rotating Internship, graduated 6/30/11
University of Michigan - Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

“Choosing Swedish Covenant Hospital for my training in family medicine has given me a diverse and complete education. Here at Swedish we have great educators. In addition to the physicians, all of the Allied Health Services are enthusiastic teachers as well. Learning from other health care professional such as our Pharmacists, Dieticians, and Therapists, provides me with expanded medical knowledge and insight, encouraging a holistic approach to primary care that is consistent with my Osteopathic roots.”
– Linda Nguyen, DO  Family Medicine PGY-2

“I ranked Swedish Covenant first on my list when matching for residency. Besides the diverse environment, the friendly and knowledgeable teaching attendings and faculty; I really loved the child care center. My son Luke is so happy at the Montessori Child Care; it gives me more peace of mind each day.”
–Lana Dawood, MD Family Medicine, PGY2

“Family Medicine is unique in the perspective that it places the patient-physician relationship in the context of the family and the community. As such I could not think any place more suitable, nurturing and appropriate to receive my training. The varied population, global pathology and integration of the hospital into the surrounding community provide the right ingredients for the development of a successful physician and not just a care-provider.”
–Nikolaos Kanellopolous, MD  Family Medicine Chief, PGY3

“With great power comes great responsibility”.   I strongly believe that being a Family Physician is a privilege and an honor that should not be taken lightly.  This motto is especially true when it comes to my patients, as I always strive to provide them with the best medical care possible.” 
–Joanna Kmiecik, MD, Family Medicine PGY2