Why independence matters to us at
Swedish Covenant Hospital


Independence at SCH

In the evolving environment of health care, consolidation has become the norm. In the face of this climate, we are committed to our mission, and remain true to our reputation as the leading independent hospital on Chicago’s north side.

“At Swedish Covenant Hospital, our growth strategy is based on the needs of our community,” said Anthony Guaccio, President and CEO of Swedish Covenant Hospital. “We invest in bringing the best possible resources here—to your neighborhood—to provide you with the highest quality of care without having to navigate between different locations or health care organizations.”

Why remain independent?

1. We provide our community with direct access to the best resources.

By collaborating on one campus, we can provide seamless integration between our various specialties, providing you with comprehensive, collaborative care without having to start over somewhere else. 

2. We’ve built a strong connection to our community.

Our employees know each other. More importantly, they know you. More than 50% of our employees live within five miles of the hospital, and are active participants in this unique, diverse community.

Our physicians develop patient relationships that last a lifetime. Working at an independent hospital allows them the freedom to be there through every step of a patient’s wellness journey.

Independent Hospital in Chicago

3. We adapt quickly and effectively to meet our patients’ growing needs.

Our independence allows us to shorten the distance between conversation and conversion. We listen to you. We hear your concerns. And we have the resources to better understand and meet these needs.

4. We are united.

Through close collaboration with one another and with you, we deliver individualized, comprehensive treatment plans without the back and forth that can keep you from getting the care you need when you need it. Most importantly, we deliver this care with the heart of a family.
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By David Modica | Published August 03, 2016
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