Dr. Cohen offers advanced medical approach
to eyelid and facial plastic surgery

Medically Minded Approach to Plastic Surgery

Your face drives your first impression, and your eyes lead the way. Each person’s unique features are what make them beautiful, but when uncommon physical traits—such as a growth, drooping eyelid or lazy eye—begin to change or become more pronounced, there may be cause for concern. 

Meet Dr. Cohen

Adam J. Cohen, M.D., is a board-certified eyelid and facial plastic surgeon and an independent part of the medical staff at Swedish Covenant Hospital. His boundary-breaking career includes publishing a long list of articles in leading medical journals and three definitive textbooks used in classrooms nationwide. 

Through a one-on-one evaluation, Dr. Cohen uses his expertise to detect potential health concerns, help you understand your options and develop a plan of care quickly and with confidence. By taking into account a patient’s medical preferences and carefully answering any and all personal concerns, Dr. Cohen’s practice has proven to provide a safe healing environment for all who enter its doors. 

“I view my relationship with my patients as a partnership,” said Dr. Cohen. “I take into account both their medical needs and their personal preferences and wishes when designing their treatment plan. It’s important to me that I provide them with my undivided attention when they visit and assist them in thoroughly understanding all their options so I can help them look and feel their best.”

Medical procedures offered by Dr. Cohen include:

  • Complex eyelid reconstruction—following trauma, cancers or previous surgery
  • Minimally invasive tear duct surgery (endoscopic)
  • Image guided orbital surgery through collaboration with the Brain Lab at Swedish Covenant Hospital
  • Traumatic facial injuries—including orbital fractures, facial lacerations
  • Orbital tumor resection—for conditions such as vascular tumor removal, orbital tumors
In addition to the medical procedures, Dr. Cohen also performs an array of cosmetic procedures for interested patients to help them achieve a first impression of health and vitality.

Dr. Cohen Facial Reconstruction

Do you need to schedule an appointment?

One of the most difficult components in patients determining the severity of their own condition is gauging how quickly it may progress. Seeking medical advice for any changes that seem suspicious is always the safest option. “When it comes to your health, ignoring symptoms or concerns is never a good idea,” said Dr. Cohen. “Early detection followed by individualized treatment is always the safest, most effective way to care for a patient with any illness or abnormality.”
cohen w borderAdam J. Cohen, M.D., is a board-certified ophthalmologist and a part of the medical staff of Swedish Covenant Hospital specializing in oculoplastic and facial plastic reconstructive surgery and disorders and surgery of the tear duct system. His clinical interests include eyelid reconstructive surgery, facial reconstructive surgery and neuro-ophthalmology. He has 12 years of experience. 

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Cohen, please call 847-834-0390.

By David Modica | Published June 08, 2016
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